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About has grown to be one of the most dependable providers of online writing services in the Philippines today. Since its inception, it has helped thousands of students with their academic load. Moreover, the company gives opportunities to freelance writers to hone their skills in writing while earning dollars.

Company's Mission aims to foster fruitful collaborations with our writers, maximizing their full potential, while at the same time continuing the delivery of top notch academic papers to our valued customers.

The company further encourages writers to be more involved in its dealings. Suffice to say, the company and its writers are on the same wavelength toward the achievement of the company's mission of being the most solid provider of excellent academic papers.

Writer's Qualifications

You are what we are looking for if:

  • You are inclined in writing English academic, creative, technical, or journalism pieces.
  • You are a Bachelor's, Master's, or PhD degree holder.
  • You know how to work with the computer and have reliable Internet connection.
  • You never miss deadlines.
  • You have writing experience.

Advantages of Working with
  • gives writers the opportunity of earning as much as $30/page.
  • recognizes the exceptional work of its writers and gives them regular incentives as a way of appreciation.
  • never runs out of writing assignments of different subjects and levels of proficiency for its writers.
  • has a courteous and accommodative Support Department you can always turn to for assistance.
  • provides you with different communication channels to air your concerns in—you can choose to contact our Support representatives via our messaging system, toll free number, or online chat.

Who We Prioritize

Competency and specialized knowledge are what we look for in our writers. In addition, we also put a prime on writers who:

  • Exceptionally pass our online Grammar Test;
  • Write a coherent and well-structured essay without deviating from the topic;
  • Provide comprehensive resumes, well-written sample works, and diplomas or other certifications; and
  • Have exceptional knowledge in technical writing in science-related areas or rare topics and subjects

Writer's Responsibilities

As our writer, you are tasked to adhere to the company's guidelines and consistently deliver high quality and plagiarism-free papers within the deadline given.

Writing Jobs Available offers a variety of tasks to sharpen your skills such as in academic writing, PowerPoint presentation making, editing, and proofreading.

You are assured that you will never run out of orders to challenge yourself with. The good thing about is that it always has a variety of orders to choose from so that you will be given the chance to upgrade your writing level to gain access to more order types and higher-paying orders.

Working Freelance

Of course! We hire freelance writers so that you can take orders at your convenience. We place our writers in a win-win situation such that they are given a means to earn more apart from what they are receiving from their regular jobs. Our writers are free to take orders during their free time.

Orders Required per Month

You are not bound to take a certain number of orders on the basis of being a freelance writer. If you have exceptional time management, you can take as many orders as you want. Just do not forget to accomplish all within the deadline specified.



Remember that the more orders you take, the higher the payment you will receive during every cutoff. Please also maintain excellent academic writing so that your payment would not be compromised. Our freelancers usually receive around $700 to $800 monthly.

Schedule of Payment

We transfer payments once a month if the earned amount has reached the minimum available with your primary payment option and there are no profile restrictions, i . e . , probation, not verified an account, payment details issue, etc.

Payment Guarantee is one of the most solid online writing companies in the Philippines. We highly value honesty and do not cheat freelance writers of their hard-earned money. Our writers are one of the most important and indispensable assets of our company hence we always strive for the most solid partnership for continued development.

Available Payment Methods

The company offers the following payment options for freelancers from all over the world: Skrill, PayPal, and Wire Transfer. You are to choose the method/s that is/are the most convenient and available in your country. PayPal details can be added per request as the option was temporarily removed from account settings. Please contact the Billing Department if PayPal is your preferable payment method.

Registration Process

Application Process

Applying for a freelance writing position has never been this simple!

Step 1: Accurately accomplish our sign up form;
Step 2: Pass our online test; and
Step 3: Stand by for the HR Department's signal for you to start working (Processing usually takes 2-3 weeks).

Application transactions are usually conducted via email so wait for the HR Department's mail conveying your acceptance or rejection. Should three weeks pass without any word from us, please send us a follow-up email.

Next Step After Approval

Once you receive an email with your login details, you can start accessing your account and explore our site. Available orders will instantly be visible after your successful login.

Should you encounter any difficulties with our site, contact our Support Department immediately and ask for assistance.

Security and Privacy

Confidentiality of Personal Information

Please rest assured that any information you have given the company will stay with us. We are not in the practice of leaking any information to third parties to keep your trust.

Other opportunities

Bonus Package

Diligent and quality writers are rewarded accordingly at We never snub the hard work of our writers, and as a way of giving back, bonus packages await those who deserve them.