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Valentin, Romania

Expert in: Engineering , Mathematics, Technology, Physics
"About my experience writing for the site I found this by searching on Google about opportunities to make some additional money about one year and half ago. After being admitted to write for them I was a little bit reluctant and it took me about 6 months before taking my first order. Now after about one year of writing for them I found this site marvelous. It has articles to write in many subjects. Its payments for article are the best found on similar sites (it can pay up to 50 USD per one page) and I have been paid always on time. The support of the site is always there, ready to help. Thank you!"

Bernard B, Kenya

Expert Writer in: Management, Marketing, Business, Medicine and Health
"I have worked for for over a year. I have enjoyed good corporation with the support team; they have been very supportive especially through the advice I get from them concerning writing guide and how to improve my skills. Through their guidance, I have been able to advance my writing skills in areas such as management, marketing, Business, engineering, social sciences among others. They are always available, through live chat, to respond to any queries I raise and and advice instantly to avoid any confusion while I am working on an order. Their prompt payment and notifications (twice a month) has enabled me to plan well and cater for my daily living. I have been able to complete my postgraduate studies through their salary as well as cater for other family needs while I am doing other developments".

Severino Jose A. Iv, Philippines

Expert Writer in: Religion and Theology, American Literature, Philosophy, Anthropology
"I am always proud to tell all my family and friends that I am working for as a Senior Trusted Prime Writer. I know that NOT EVERYONE can write for because not everyone is willing to be diligent, dedicated, excellent and, most of all, humble. I am happy that I was able to develop and perfect my technical writing skills with the company and at the same time make as much as $9,060.24 in my 40 months of stay in the company while working part time only from 7pm to 10pm every night except Fridays (when I go singing with friends on karaoke). The money is good but the plethora of knowledge is the true reward of every writer like me. I am always happy to wake up shivering with Robert Frost, take lunch to Newtonian dimensions, and, (pardon the pun but,) sleep with Andrew Jackson while hearing him ramble about the Cherokees, but in the end I get nightmares about metamorphosing into Kafka. One more thing, in, the working staff are amazingly friendly, polite, intelligent and prompt. Diplomacy is their forte, diplomacy mixed with love and understanding, that is. The staff have been with me through thick and thin and through the roughest moments of my life. Well, what can I say but a big THANK YOU to for believing in me, and what can I promise the company but my time and dedication for as long as my neurons and sinews and Human instincts dictate".

Steven Agawo, Kenya

Expert Writer in: English, Art, Management, Business
"Of all writing companies i have had the chance to work this, has the most numbers of orders, even during the low season, and the most efficient easy to use system, making my work as a writer stress-free. I hope to work with the company for the longest time"

Mark Anthony V, Philippines

Expert Writer in: Medicine and Health, Nursing, Sociology, Criminology
" In my years of experience with, I can say I've never been regretful in anyway. I am always recommending this site to my friends and colleagues who would interest themselves in writing these sorts of papers.
Also, it's been a while since I wondered about the incentive programs for writers who perform at their best, or those who writes the most among us. If I would see a live stat on how a certain writer is being rewarded for the many projects he/she has done within the cutoff, I myself would aim to reach the same quantity he wrote during the time period.
The live stat doesn't have to contain any of our personal info, and alias would do. The essence of this is for us to get motivated by a certain writer who could write as much. This way we can establish our goals for the next cutoff and be encouraged by the bonus rewarded by the company.
This may not be considered, but just by saying this, at least I know I am a part of
Thank you so much for being a blessing".

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